Notes on importing our products

All the liquid aromas we sell in our online store are original ambient fragrance produced by various manufacturers. These aromas are produced according to European regulations and that is why we guarantee their purity and safety. In any case, we distance ourselves from the abuse of our products such as aphrodisiacs or products for sexual stimulation and any other inappropriate handling. All liquid aromas offered in our store are ambient aromas and cannot be inhaled directly from the bottle.

The use of liquid aromas is legal in many countries, but there may be trade restrictions in some individual countries. Due to differences in national legislation, it may be possible that some of our products may not be imported into your country. Please check the local laws of your country before buying and importing any product.

With your order you declare that you are at least 18 years old. You confirm that you know the usage and side effects of the products before you place an order. You have read and agree to our Terms and Conditions. You hereby relieve SEVWbusiness, lda, its employees, suppliers and all connected persons of any responsibility for damages incurred as a result of the misuse of our articles.

All our products are shipped from the EU.